Love for the Ball Phase (U5 to U8) Develop LOVE for the ball by focusing on technical proficiencies. The focus is on developing a foundation for technical skills to become comfortable with the ball at their feet. We want players to be brave to take defenders on 1v1, but our core goal for these age groups is to develop a love for the ball.

Confidence Phase (U9 to U12) Build CONFIDENCE on the ball. The focus is on all aspects of the technical side including developing proper technique in shooting, passing, receiving the ball, as well as continuing to take players on 1v1. Players build confidence on the ball and a basic understanding of tactical awareness

Team Phase (U13 to U14) Expand a player’s understanding of how to execute their technical proficiency to focus on TEAM. The goal at this age is to work on the tactical parts of a player’s game and master decisions about when to pass, dribble, shoot, or take players on through individual expression. We want our players to begin to build relationships on the field to help enhance the team’s goals.

Love for the Game Phase (U15-U18) Develop a true LOVE for the game on and off the field. All players make a commitment to loving the game by combining their individual and team expertise. This phase encompasses love, confidence, and a mindset of team to continue to individually train to help build all-around players.